Brand / Portfolio

Average Timeline: 2 Weeks

I have never had a website or I have a barely functional website that doesn't serve my needs. I am not really tech savvy and I don't know what ESP or SEO stands for. I just need a clean and functional site that doesn't look like every other Squarespace out there to talk about my brand or what I do.

$3,500 +

Small eCommerce

Average Timeline: 4 Weeks

I have a product to sell. I may or may not have an existing website selling products. I understand the basics of eCommerce and what's involved in maintaining an online store. I want a unique way to reach my costumers and sell my product I am not looking for a custom or tailor solution, I am just looking to sell in a easy and modern way.

$6,500 +

Medium eCommerce

Average Timeline: 2 Months

I either have an eCommerce site and a sustainable business or I have a new unique single product that I am looking to launch into market. Communicating my brand and having a personalized experience for my costumer is extremely important to me. I am looking to develop some custom features tailored to the way me or my company operates, so I am looking for something beyond what's on the shelves.

$10,000 +

Large eCommerce

Average Timeline: 3 Months

I own a medium to large profitable business but my current platform does not support my needs any longer. I need to find a platform that will allow me to grow, or I am in a good platform for my business, but I need to find ways in which my brand and team can perform better and/or I need for my business to make more money.

$18,000 +

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