We bridge the physical and digital, leveraging what is authentically unique about your brand to inspire the people you care about.

eCommerce is our passion. We provide design, engineering, and personalized service to equip your brand with the most effective tools to cultivate meaningful, enduring relationships with their audiences for an ever-changing marketplace.

Known for our revenue-focused solutions and meticulous attention to detail, our work has established us as leading Shopify Experts.

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Brand / Portfolio

Average Timeline: 2 to 3 Weeks

I have never had a website or I have a barely functional website that doesn't serve my needs. I am not really tech savvy and I don't know what ESP or SEO stands for. I just need a clean and functional site that doesn't look like every other Squarespace out there to talk about my brand or what I do.

$4,000 +

Small eCommerce

Average Timeline: 4 to 6 Weeks

I have a product to sell. I may or may not have an existing website selling products. I understand the basics of eCommerce and what's involved in maintaining an online store. I want a unique way to reach my costumers and sell my product I am not looking for a custom or tailor solution, I am just looking to sell in a easy and modern way.

$7,000 +

Medium eCommerce

Average Timeline: 2 to 3 Months

I either have an eCommerce site and a sustainable business or I have a new unique single product that I am looking to launch into market. Communicating my brand and having a personalized experience for my costumer is extremely important to me. I am looking to develop some custom features tailored to the way me or my company operates, so I am looking for something beyond what's on the shelves.

$14,000 +

Large eCommerce

Average Timeline: 3 to 4 Months

I own a medium to large profitable business but my current platform does not support my needs any longer. I need to find a platform that will allow me to grow, or I am in a good platform for my business, but I need to find ways in which my brand and team can perform better and/or I need for my business to make more money.

$22,000 +

*Prices are for reference and are based on standard project deliverables.
Prices do not include Design, Content Management or Marketing.

Standalone Services

General Digital Consultation

Site Performance Monitoring

Maintenance, Technical Support and QA

Team On-Boarding and Training

Business Development Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Execution

Research and Development

Design and Art direction for marketing

Product Photography / Life Style Photography

Design and development of new website features
Invidividual tasks will start at $250 / Hour.

Standalone services can custom-packaged under a retainer agreement starting at $3000 / Month with a minimum 2 month commitment.



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